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Permanent Makeup

As most women know, putting on your makeup can take a lot of time. You may sometimes wonder if there is a way to wake up, feel great and look beautiful, all without having to put on any makeup in the morning. Well, now there is! Permanent makeup is an easy way to reduce your time getting ready in the morning. Permanent cosmetic makeup is basically the tattooing of the skin's dermis.

Permanent Makeup for Your Eyes and Lips

Permanent tattooing on the eyebrows is ideal for the women who pencils in their eyebrows. Appling pigmentation to the eyebrow will enhance your features. Tattooing of the eyeliner can help reshape your eye, while still giving off a natural look. Lip color can be added to your lips to define your lip line and may make your lips to look fuller. The advantages of permanent facial makeup are that it will never smudge or smear. You can always look your best and apply cosmetic makeup to your permanent when need it. Also, you never have to worry about any allergies that previous cosmetics may have given you. Finally, a lot of time can be saved if you no longer need to apply your makeup every day!


Wash your hands; using soap and water; lather up the soapy water and gently wash the tattoo, piercing area for 15 seconds and rinse well. Pat dry, apply a generous layer of Vaseline.